Automating Video Testing for Smart Parking System

Executive Summary

Based in Sunnyvale, CA, the client is a leading player in LED lighting conversion solutions and IoT products. The client had been working on a next-generation, intelligent parking solution to support enhanced security and surveillance coverage across a wider area with the added advantage that facility owners and municipalities would incur significantly lower cost of deployment compared to existing solutions in the market.

The first rule of intelligent parking design is to have a mechanism where live video nodes are recorded and tested with a high degree of accuracy. Due to a lack of technical skills, the client approached eInfochips to help develop a customized security and surveillance solution that could be easily deployed by facility owners and municipalities alike while performing 24×7 testing of video algorithms across different seasonal patterns.

Project Highlights

    • Testing for video analytics product
    • Video simulation
    • Algorithm testing for video analytics
    • API and web services testing
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