ATM Performance Optimization & Security Enhancement

Executive Summary

One of the world’s leading ATM manufacturers, the US-based client was facing challenges due to low mean time between failures (MTBF) across its ATM devices resulting in interrupted service availability. For the client’s bank and financial institution stakeholders, maintaining stringent SLAs in operational efficiency is critical for business success. There was also frequent breakdown of communication between various ATM modules and the main central computer increasing security vulnerabilities.

The client on-boarded eInfochips to enhance ATM performance with engagement across firmware, software, protocol communications, and QA/testing. eInfochips developed a NXPFreescale based platform for the client to support easy debugging, faster communication and standardized references. eInfochips also designed HW and FW for flawless and effective communication between modules, and with a central computer. This was accompanied by a test-driven development and a common testing platform for easy maintenance. eInfochips was able to add immense value to the client in terms of sustenance, improved MTBF, lower time-to-market and enhanced security against skimming and card cloning.

Project Highlights

    • Improved ‘mean time between failures’
    • Electromechanical enhancements
    • Common HW/FW platform for unified communication
    • Incorporated paper path technology
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