Alexa Integration for a Home Automation Hub

Executive Summary

The client is a US-based conglomerate focusing on industrial, commercial and consumer products and automation solutions. For its home security hub, which integrated multiple devices, the client wanted to enable a voice activated operation with Alexa as well as their own voice activation engine. Lacking in-house expertise to work on the technology to transform the solution idea into reality, the client was looking for an experienced and dependable partner.

eInfochips was chosen for this project based on hardware design expertise, ability to implement voice activation engines and the strong partnership with Qualcomm. The eInfochips solution primarily aimed at changing QMMF to enable two audio channels. The eInfochips team owned the solution not only from audio activation stand-point, but also from firmware and certification support perspective as well, delivering great value to the client.

Project Highlights

Alexa Integration for a Home Automation Hub
  • Amazon Alexa backend for Artificial Intelligence support
  • Personal assistance manager with support for a voice-based command system
  • Qualcomm Multimedia Framework (QMMF) customization
  • Based on Snapdragon 625 with Android 6.0 support
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