Boost Order Conversion In Retail And E-Commerce With Image-Based Search

Executive Summary

“Seeing is believing”, an adage that can be universally applied to the retail industry, acquires greater significance in an omnichannel era where we are seeing greater overlap between in-store retail and web/mobilebased e-commerce. For retailers keen on connecting with smartphone-wielding, next-generation buyers, visual search engines are quietly emerging as the “next big thing”. This might seem a bit ahead of its time for those of us that take the ubiquity of keyword-based text search for granted.Hasn’t text always been the most popular search engine paradigm for as long as we remember?

Project Highlights

It’s all about to change!

According to Baidu, the world’s no.2 search engine, in future, more than 50% of all searches online will be either based on voice or images.

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