Processor-In-Loop Simulation: Embedded Software V&V In Model Based Development

Executive Summary

Embedded software designs such as those for avionics and automotive systems have become highly complex to develop, test and certify. As a result, the traditional document driven environments, without coordination among involved developers, are quality and costs associated with the lifecycle of such embedded software programs. In this context, model-based design (MBD) processes when used effectively, provide a unified design environment so that developers can use a single set of models for their entire lifecycle for requirements validation, data analysis, model visualization, testing and validation, and ultimately product deployment, with or without automatic code generation. Model-based design is a framework for virtual prototyping of embedded software. MBD has evolved to overcome the difficulties and complexities that typically occur during the design lifecycle of embedded software for closedloop control systems or DSP applications. Such software needs to be designed in an iterative manner with extensive involvement of multi-disciplinary teams. In most of the practical scenarios, such embedded software design needs to start (as well as tested) before physical prototypes and systems are available. With traditional design processes, the discovery of errors in design and requirements are found late in the design cycle, which may result in expensive delays. MBD framework targets to address such issues early in the design phase and it can significantly minimise the re-work in later phase of the life cycle.

Project Highlights

  • Model based development and testing
  • Model design and testing
  • Processor-in-loop testing
  • PIL implementation considerations
  • Microcontroller or DSP Performance
  • Data exchange & communication channels
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