How to Design an Intelligent Retail Store Using In-Store Video Analytics & VMS?

Executive Summary

Retail industry has always faced heavy losses due to pilferage. Though loss prevention officers and video surveillance do their part to stop theft and pilferage, it does not completely solve the problem of losses faced by retail stores. Video Management Software can help stores counter such problems and also help them gain insights to improve business processes. Video Management Software(VMS) can be an ideal solution for any retail store that wants to offer quality service consistently to their customers. VMS can help leverage insights on security and surveillance, improve customer experience, explain buyer behavior and understand the effectiveness of marketing strategies and product placements.

Project Highlights

  • An overview of current trends in retail
  • How video analytics can be a game changer?
  • Applications of Video management software in retail
  • Using Video analytics to increase your revenue
  • Video management software on Cloud
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