How AWS Can Transform Your IoT Solution

Executive Summary

Organizations in the digital age face immense competition from both the established and start-ups companies and are compelled to pay a very close attention to customer satisfaction, customer interaction, and internal process enhancements, to remain competitive. However, there have been always a need to constantly evolve and adopt newer trends to succeed. For a customer-centric business approach, companies are now developing chatbots that help in solving customer queries at all times, improving communication and remote troubleshooting to enhance customer experience.

This white paper provides a complete guide to chatbot development, including use cases, tools, and best practices to consider while developing chatbots for your business.

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  • What is a Chatbot?
  • How do Chatbots function?
  • Types of Chatbots
  • Use Cases of Chatbots
  • Tools to Develop Chatbots
  • Best Practices for Chatbot Development
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