Extreme Programming

Executive Summary

Extreme programming is a concept for executing project with simplicity, collaborative and in friendly environment. There is no fixed strategy or set of rules to execute extreme programming. Frequently it is called as XP. Extreme programming is one of the concepts of agile methodology.We are going to discuss about XP with simple examples. Pair programming is the main concept of extreme programming.

Project Highlights

XP is very flexible for customer and developer. It is continuous and iterative process. It improves design, testing and development by every cycle. Requirements are in the form of rough document. There will be manager , who is looking into the communication, coordination and pairing activity.

He is responsible for figure best pairs in pair programming. He is also responsible for converting all customer stories into small tasks and assign it to pairs. With every cycle customer and team decide all priority tasks for first release. They prioritize task according to deadline and availability of resources. Release plan can be revised regularly.

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