A Blueprint on IoT Solutions Development

Executive Summary

Internet of Things is fueling the next industrial revolution of intelligent connectivity. IoT has become an integral part of all businesses, which are looking to embrace digital transformation. IoT is quickly emerging as a leading source of data the real-time insights for critical asset management, healthcare management, system performance tracking, and many more. However, most businesses are still struggling to utilize the power IoT to its fullest. As billions of devices are getting connected to the internet with every new IoT applications, generating massive streams of data, CIOs and decision makers must start thinking about maximizing their ROI by implementing various IoT solutions.

Project Highlights

A Blueprint on IoT Solutions Development
  • IoT is not a buzzword but necessity
  • How big is the IoT market?
  • Key Drivers for IoT Adoption
  • Common Challenges in Implementing IoT Solutions
  • IoT Roadmap
  • IoT Architecture
  • Roles and Responsibilities of an
  • IoT development team
  • ROI of an IoT Solution
  • eInfochips’s IoT Success Stories
  • Why eInfochips for IoT Consulting Solutions & Services?
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