A Buyer’s Guide to Engineering Telemedicine Solutions

Executive Summary

Despite the emerging technologies, we are still to overcome all the challenges of accessibility and convenience that the healthcare industry faces. One of the solutions to address the accessibility issues in the healthcare industry is telemedicine.

Telemedicine is the use of information technology and telecommunication to provide remote diagnosis and treatment to patients over long distance. It eliminates the need to visit the hospital and connects the patient directly with the healthcare professional through mobile applications, chats, phone/video calls. Not only does this help the patient get in touch with a medical practitioner, but it also helps the practitioner to diagnose the patient and treat them without leaving their own facility.

This buyer’s guide showcases the telemedicine device that was developed by eInfochips with a set of defined features. It also talks about the project challenges, innovations, and benefits that the clients experienced after adopting the telemedicine device.

Project Highlights

  • The History of Telemedicine Trends noticed in the telehealth market
  • Major challenges for the telehealth market
  • Telemedicine Solutions that are currently available
  • Technology giants are moving towards healthcare
  • A Case in Work: Development of a Tricorder device by eInfochips for health assessment
  • The Future of Telemedicine
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