eInfochips review by Umesh Kulkarni & Datta Godbole, Consultants, Pyure

Umesh Kulkarni, “One of the best things about einfochips is the level of rigor in terms of getting into details and understanding the problems. They proactively solve the problems that lead to smooth flow of process.”
Datta Godbole, “We had ‘First time right’. What I mean by this term is, I was giving a demo to a lead investor in our company and the first article of IoT connected device arrived in the mail right in the middle of that demonstration. We just opened it and turned it on, and it worked.”

About Pyure

The Pyure Company, formerly known as HGI Industries Inc., is a private company with administration, engineering and manufacturing facilities in Boynton Beach, Florida. Their patent-protected technology  replicates the way sunlight sanitizes the environment by safely generating hydroxyls and diffusing organic oxidants indoors. Through channel partners, distributors and custom solutions teams, it sells Odorox® and Pyure Dynamic Protection® products around the world.

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