eInfochips review by Jean-Marc Dimech, Delivery Manager, Morpho, Safran Group

“We have been partnering with eInfochips for 6 years now in multiple product lines. eInfochips virtual onsite center for Morpho has operated all of our concepts. We have real-time access to the team and use advanced communication & collaboration tools to work together between teams in India and teams in France. We are extremely happy with the virtual onsite center model and its performance. Our relationship has grown over the years and we hope it will continue later.”

Augmented Identity and Biometric Solutions

Morpho (IDEMIA) is the global leader in providing Augmented Identity solutions. It specializes in three major biometric modalities, namely fingerprint recognition, multimodal recognition, facial recognition, and iris recognition.

Morpho’s augmented identity solutions and components include portable terminals, sensors, software, mobile applications, and automated control gates. Virtually all of these products are designed to collect, stock and process (by comparing data) biometric information, and produce a result or authorize an action.

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