eInfochips review by Darius Sakalauskas, CEO Artilux

“We wanted to design and develop EV charging products and sell them with production in our facilities. We don’t have design capabilities and we chose eInfochips as our design partner. The great thing about working with eInfochips is, that you get everything in one place- Hardware Design, Firmware Design, Digital Design, and Mechanical Design. They were quick in responding to issues and provided advice to solve the possible problems and make the product better.”


Artilux, renowned for being the world leader of GeSi (germanium-silicon) photonic technology, has been at the forefront of wide-spectrum 3D sensing and consumer optical connectivity since 2014. Building on fundamental technology breakthroughs, we have been delivering multidisciplinary innovations across integrated optics, system architecture, and computing algorithms, enabling the progression of the smartphone, autonomous driving, augmented reality, and beyond.

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