October 2022

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IoT Security Services - Brochure, Cybersecurity Tips for Day-To-Day Life,Zero-Day
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IoT Security Services – Brochure

Growing cybercrime incidents last year cost the world economy more than $1 trillion, or about 1% of the global GDP. As data security standards, privacy standards, and regulations across the global markets become progressively more stringent, it is imperative for enterprises to design, develop, deploy and manage connected products in a secure manner. Download the brochure to know more.

Case Study

Healthcare Mobile Application Development and Cybersecurity Testing

eInfochips, An Arrow Company developed and delivered a mobile application and cybersecurity solution for the world’s second-largest generic and specialty pharmaceutical company, allowing them to enhance patient experience and monitor treatment remotely to enable better clinical outcomes.

Healthcare Mobile Application Development and Cybersecurity Testing

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Cybersecurity Tips for Day-to-Day Life

Cybercrime is a serious threat to the global economy and business. Nothing is completely secure! This can be avoided by following some good practices, namely being aware of current threats and realizing that nothing is completely secure. ‘Manav Parekh’ – Senior Security Engineer with the eInfochips IoT Security team shares some of the most practical tips that will help you stay secure in the modern web world.  

What is Zero-Day Vulnerability and How to Recover from Zero-Day Attacks

How secure is your organization? The company needs to be confident about its data security. As the world gets more connected, cyber security becomes an area of growing concern. In this blog learn what is zero-day attack, common targets, the lifecycle of a zero-day attack, and famous zero-day exploits.


Key considerations while adopting Azure Sphere

In an effort to enable accelerated, at-scale development of secure, internet-connected low-cost sensor-embedded devices, Microsoft launched commercially Azure Sphere back in 2020, an integrated (hardware + software), for secure connectivity and industry application development at the edge. In this whitepaper, we explore some key factors that you should consider while leveraging Azure Sphere for your connected product development initiatives.

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