July 2022

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Brochure - EV Charging Solutions, EV Charging App Guide, Role of loT in EV Growth, NASSCOM Award, and more

Brochure – EV Charging Solutions

According to a Reuters report, major automakers have already pledged over $300 billion in investments for EV production. Updating the charging infrastructure will be key to scaling the industry as the EV ecosystem is here to stay. eInfochips has in-depth experience around next-gen EVSE/EV charging station design and development by executing award-winning projects and is featured in EnergySage’s Best EV Charging Stations in the 2021 list. Download the brochure to know more about our EV offerings

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Key Considerations in EV Smart Charging Mobile/Web App Development

If you are looking to develop an EV charging app, this blog discusses the key aspects you should consider like key features, tech stack, and most importantly vendor’s expertise around EV charging hardware & software systems.

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Role of IoT in fueling EV charging future growth

Role of IoT in fueling EV charging growth

With EV sales shooting up ⚡, there is a greater need to develop a robust charging infrastructure. More than just installing charging points, the bigger challenge lies in managing a large fleet of devices dispersed across geographic locations. This blog examines some real-world cases of how IoT in EV charging helps to address this problem.

Case Studies

Electric Vehicle Charging Station for eMobility

A German-headquartered multinational conglomerate selected eInfochips, An Arrow Company as a complete design & development partner for its next-generation electric charger product line which was later Awarded ‘Next-Gen Product of the Year’ by NASSCOM.

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End-to-End Design & Development of an EV Charging Station for Residential and Commercial Applications

Learn how eInfochips helped North America’s original vehicle electrification provider and a pioneer of home and commercial charging solutions expand globally and target various customer segments by turnkey development including hardware design, firmware development, protocols & connectivity, cloud integration, compliance certification testing, and smart mobile/web App for charging management.

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