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Honey I Shrunk the SOM!!

System on Module (SOM) is an example of small form factor, processor-based solution that also contains memory, power management and other necessary hardware and software for developing embedded products. Key advantages of traditional SOM are faster time to market, lower product development cost, reduced complexity/risk and an off-the-shelf architecture.

Traditional SOM modules, due to their large physical size, however, also have some limitations in terms of form factor, weight, and connector interfaces. Using connectors in traditional SOM can cause serious disadvantages in terms of ruggedness, vibration, overall size and weight and in some cases, electromagnetic interference especially when very high speed signals are passing through them. Connectors also restrict the usability of SOM across small and wearable consumer devices.

Shrinking the SOM physical size and complexity has become a major aim in embedded system design. Accordingly, eInfochips has introduced Eragon 410, a Nano SOM which is powerful, connector less, feather weight and extremely thin solution targeted for segments where performance and size matters. Using cutting edge PCB technology, eInfochips’ Nano SOM allows SOM to be directly soldered on the carrier board and removes any need for connectors which in turn helps save cost and space in the carrier board.

Eragon 410 SOM Features:

  1. Support for Snapdragon 410 series processor
  2. eMCP memory (1GB LPDDR3 + 4GB eMMC in single chip)
  3. OS Support: Android, Linux and Windows 10
  4. On board interfaces:
    • eMCP( eMMC+LPDDR3), PMIC, USB SW, Wi-Fi+BT
  5. Interfaces on PCB Edge:
    • MIPI for display and camera, USB OTG, uSD Card, JTAG, Audio, SPI, I2C, UART and, GPIO

The Eragon 410 NANO SOM is an ultra-small (26mm x 35mm x 2mm), System-on-Module based on Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ processor. It will act as a building block for a wide range of products which require low power consumption and connectivity while providing a superior multimedia experience with solid processing power. This benefit of Price, Performance, Package and Power makes the Eragon 410 an ideal solution for Robotics, Infotainment, Automation and Control, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, including wearable technology. We are seeing few examples of wearable and robotics devices powered by Snapdragon 410 like smartwatches with modular design, smart head phones, domestic robots and predict many more to come.

eInfochips offers engineering services to companies looking for the development of complex systems. With 1500 professionals, eInfochips has contributed to 500+ products for global companies across USA, Europe and Asia. In addition to Eragon modules and development kit, we have a strong team of Qualcomm experts who have experience in technologies like Trepn™ Profiler(for performance and power consumption of Android applications), AllJoyn® Intelligent Proximal Connectivity, Qualcomm Vuforia™ Augmented Reality Platform, FastCV™ Computer Vision (CV) Library, Qualcomm Micro Rover 3D printable robot, to offer engineering services for your next-generation Qualcomm based product development

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Picture of Kalpesh Chauhan

Kalpesh Chauhan

Kalpesh Chauhan is head of hardware and board design engineering practices group at eInfochips. He is versatile Embedded Systems professional with 20 years of experience in conceptualization and development of various electronics products and solutions. Leveraging his domain and experience, he is focused on designing innovative hardware solutions using next generation of processors and technology. Qualcomm Snapdragon, Qualcomm Krait and Qualcomm Adreno are products of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

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