Transforming Lives Drop by Drop
with Clean Water

eInfochips harnesses its expertise in innovation and engineering to empower the Saafwater platform in its mission to tackle water contamination.

At eInfochips, we strongly believe that clean water is an essential human right. However, unfortunately, it is not available to many communities in India. Unawareness and lack of clean water can result in severe health problems and impede economic growth.

We are proud to support young and visionary entrepreneurs in India who are working heroically to resolve the contamination challenge in India while raising awareness and providing innovative solutions to monitor water quality to the population who needed it most.

Saafwater is a startup by young Indian entrepreneurs who want to help provide reliably clean water and reduce health risks for their nation’s 1.4 billion citizens – and billions more worldwide.

Saafwater has won the 2021 Call for Code global competition for humanitarian technologies. The contest is created by David Clark Cause with founding partner IBM which is supported by Arrow Electronics and others.

The solution uses smart IoT sensor packages enhanced by AI to improve water quality and public health.

Arrow linked Saafwater with eInfochips in 2022. Together, they enhanced the platform’s capabilities using 4G technology, enabling faster real-time data and a quicker turnaround for analyzing contaminated water. The development also made manufacturing the device on a larger scale easier.

Jay Aherkar,

Co-founder of Saafwater

“Two billion people lack access to clean drinking water, and we aim to deploy Saafwater in every village, town, and city worldwide.”

Sumit Sethi,

Chief Operations Officer, eInfochips

“Through our Clean Water Initiatives program, we offer funding, mentorship, and technical expertise to entrepreneurs working on innovative solutions to the clean water crisis. Our goal is to help these entrepreneurs scale their solutions to reach as many people as possible”

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