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Product Transformation

Product transformation, which we have pioneered, is crucial across various industries as companies look to stay competitive in their respective markets. Superior product development capabilities are a key differentiator for us in the services market. Our knowledge of devices, from silicon to software to embedded systems and eventually sustenance is second to none. We work with our clients to develop a product roadmap that is aligned to their long term objectives; define key success metrics, align the operating model to product goals and finally, optimize business processes and systems.

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation through DevOPs enables continuous integration, testing, delivery, and monitoring for your products. From consulting to implementation to tool chain development and device monitoring, eInfochips empowers organizations with well-defined DevOPs landscape for faster release cycles, shorter time-to-market, and better customer experiences. While we simplify the complex infrastructure, we virtualize seamless nexus between people, devices, processes, and technology to power autonomous systems within the system.

Device Lifecycle Management

From enrolment to device management to end-of-life, einfochips secures and simplifies the access to your connected device universe. With device management at Edge and via Cloud (public/private), we help to remotely manage the devices through a gateway system. Location and virtual world augmentation services help you to precisely pinpoint and visualize a 3D view of the device the virtual factory. The security and authentication support different level of accounts with permission grids to regulate how “humans”, “back-ends” and “machines” talk to “things”. With multiple connectivity options, you can track, monitor, and control the devices on real-time.

IoT & Cloud Framework

Developing an IoT & Cloud ecosystem is not as linear as developing an individual IoT or Cloud connected device. Due to multiple standards, IoT landscape is now fragmented and lacks interoperability to create a seamless connectivity between systems and devices. Different OEMs, operating systems, product versions, connectors, and communication protocols for similar applications necessitates a horizontal gateway framework that can understand and manage the communication across devices. With interoperability IPs for agent-less discovery, network protocol communication, and cloud connectivity, eInfochips helps in designing and developing IoT gateways for smart ecosystems.

Video Management

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to video surveillance. With multitude of emerging technologies in camera design, video capture & streaming, video management, video storage, and video analytics, there is a need to continuously evolve the solution to deliver an intelligent self-reliant video surveillance. At eInfochips, our experts help organizations intelligently capture, compress, communicate, and consume on real-time. Apart from custom video solutions, we also offer white label Video Management Software (VMS) that can be tailored to deployment-specific feature, reducing total cost of ownership and time to market.

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