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What it means to be an ARM Approved Design Partner

What it means to be an ARM Approved Design Partner

Whether you’re a large-scale semiconductor company with billion-gate design capability or a small SoC start-up, it’s not difficult to see that embedded and IoT applications are playing/will play a greater role in your revenue realization. To keep pace with the evolving demands of this lucrative market, your company should be able to develop feature-rich computing devices that have high performance, long battery life, smaller geometry and RISC-based high performance processor cores. What this means is gaining access to a trustworthy eco-system that can provide quick and easy reference to evolving EDA tool and design standards.

ARM is one of leading processor core companies offering 32-bit and 64-bit RISC multicore processors which find application in several consumer products including smartphones, tablets, wearable devices, smart home automation devices and many more. Till date, clients and OEMs have shipped more than 86 billion SoCs to different markets by licensing the innovative technologies provided by ARM, especially the Cortex-M series.

If you’re starting out for the first time or planning to scale up in embedded and IoT markets, you’ll have to address the common challenges encountered in designing SoC using multicore ARM processor cores. The most important being getting desired design frequency (13%), designing at lower technology nodes e.g. 16nm (12%) and the ability of the SoC device to perform at low power (11%).

Fig. 1: Challenges in SoC design (Source: Client survey)

To counteract these challenges and to help businesses make their ARM-based product succeed in any chosen market, ARM has designed a program called ARM Approved Design Partner which enables ecosystem partners in specific technologies and activities to support their customers better. To be part of the ARM Approved Design Partner program, design houses have to go through a stringent ARM auditing process to ensure they meet the highest quality standards. The various components of a successful ARM Approved Design Partner program are project success, IP management and security, financial stability, business continuity planning, project management capability, defined procedures and design flows, quality certification and trained staff & development plan.

Fig. 2: Components of ARM Approved Partner Program

eInfochips recently joined ARM Approved Partner Program to deliver success in SOC design services based around ARM cores. eInfochips has a strong track record in delivering successful design projects around ARM cortex-M0 IP. eInfochips has developed its own libraries of IP which help achieve faster time-to-market for end customers.

eInfochips has developed stringent processes and infrastructure to handle complex turnkey ownership. eInfochips has more than 450 semiconductor professionals with strong skills and expertise in different phase of designs ( RTL to GDSII). Till date, eInfochips has done 85+ tape-outs across 180nm to 16nm technology nodes with different foundries. Over the period of 20 years, eInfochips has developed comprehensive checklist to ensure first pass silicon success. eInfochips has rich experience in designing SOC for networking, consumer electronics, telecom and mobile domain.

To know more about eInfochips breadth of offerings in ASIC/SOC design, connect us with at
For whitepapers and case studies, please visit eInfochips resource section HERE

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