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The Need for Quality Process Consulting

In this day and age, though innovations are creating a buzz in the market, the deciding factor behind each product is customer experience. Products that have currently  succeeded in the market, is largely due to their exceptional customer experience. Poorly designed products will always be a burden to the company and cause major problems in achieving business goals, eventually tarnishing the image of the brand.

Most companies can design and develop new products but are they meeting the required guidelines for customer satisfaction is a different story altogether. When we say guidelines, we are talking about ISO standards, because products and services need to meet quality standards to achieve exceptional customer experience. When you have required regulations to follow, each department in the company is held to that standard, and responsibility is shared to build quality products, which in turn will help to achieve business success.

Businesses need to establish a strong Quality Management Standard (QMS), and implement it across the organization, and have a team that can maintain it at all times. However, some companies  are hesitant of having standards, assuming that it will slow down the process. The success of having a strong QMS is implementing it effectively. If you do not have expertise in-house to implement ISO standards, it is best to hire a partner that specializes in Quality Process Consulting.  This will make your job easy and take the pressure off your teams, yet build products that achieve exceptional customer experience.

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of hiring quality process consultants.

Meeting Expected Requirements: One of the main requirements according to ISO 9001:2015 is that the product should meet the requirement of the user. Quality Process Consultants will help you in identifying the needs of the target audience and the set of requirements that they might have. This can only be done if the consultants have ample industry experience. Hiring them will help you to save time and achieve your business goals with ease.

Better Process Structure: Under ISO standards, processes need to be validated and gaps have to be closed in order to streamline the structure.  A quality consultant can validate your existing processes and identify non-conformities that will hamper development. The consultant will help you to align your processes as required under ISO by restructuring and streamlining them.

In case a process structure is not in place, quality consultants can deploy processes and cover everything from planning to monitoring, and execution to closure. There are well-defined quality frameworks that can be implemented right through planning to the closure of the project.

Developing Reliable Products: The main aim of ISO standards is to achieve and maintain an acceptable quality of products and services. Quality process consultants can help you in evaluating the quality of your products and if they do not meet the required standards, can give you necessary guidance to improve the quality of the products.  Reliable products improve customer loyalty and brand value.

Mentoring Teams: Sometimes development teams require guidance on what are the best practices. Quality consultants can support your team by mentoring them and creating a culture of following uniform procedures to deliver quality during the course of the development. Quality consultants can be the bridge between the company management and employees and ensure proper implementation and adherence to the procedures that are established. Continued and effective interaction between both parties will easily ensure success.

Evaluation of Tools and Technology: Another factor that aids the development process are the tools and technology. New and reliable tools can be introduced based on the evaluation of the current tools, which will further help in streamlining the processes.

In the future, the quality will continue to play a key role in the success of products and services. Quality processes will continue to get more precise, stringent, and smarter, allowing companies to develop quality products with ease.

eInfochips is a leading Quality Process Consultancy and product engineering company with over 25 years of experience. eInfochips is certified for ISO 9001:2015, CMMi Level 3, certified for 13485 for Medical devices engineering, 26262 for Automotive engineering, AS9100 when it comes to Aerospace engineering, certified for 27001 from a systems and security standpoint. eInfochips has set up a Quality Excellence Group (QEG) to enable a superior customer experience through product quality. The team has a unique blend of engineers from varied disciplines, including Software, Electronics & Communications, and Mechanical, and with extensive years of expertise in project management. Get in touch with us today.

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