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55 Semiconductor & Electronic Design Networks and Profiles to Follow in 2018

To gain knowledge and learn new things on professional front or to simply stay connected with the industry updates, people usually keep coming to certain websites and profiles on social media platforms like Twitter, which share thousands of updates each day. This practice of subscribing to and following the industry networks can be as beneficial and interesting as the accounts and websites you choose to follow.

When it comes to semiconductor and electronic design industry, engineers, product architects, manufacturers, industry analysts, product managers and tech leads like you constantly want to get latest updates, find answers to common concerns and exchange knowledge. It is very important that the website or the network you follow provides valuable insights and information that can enhance your opportunities as a professional in the semiconductor domain.

Hence, here we have compiled a list of 55 networks and profiles of the semiconductor and electronic design industry that you should be following or that should liven up your inbox (if you subscribe on their website) or Twitter feed (if you follow them on Twitter) in 2018. The list includes names of resources and networks from across the entire electronic and semiconductor industry, which is divided into following categories:

Insights, News & Updates

1. EDN Network

EDN Network is a great electronics platform for engineers that provide information, tools, courses, and professional connections to help you get your job done and get your ideas from concept to reality. It helps you avail information and updates from electronics industry leaders, manufacturers, technical service providers, and engineering novices to explore what’s new and trending in the industry.

Follow on Twitter: @EDNcom | Subscribe Here:

2. EE Times

EE Times is a global community, connecting electronics professionals and companies. It provides great insights from expert contributors and editors, community leaders and journalist of the electronics domain, which mainly consist of analog, SoC, prototyping, power management, wireless & networking, medical and industrial automation categories. It also welcomes contributions as guests if you want to share anything valuable in the electronics industry.

Follow on Twitter: @eetimes | Subscribe Here:

3. Embedded is a one-stop resource for everything embedded systems developers and engineers need to do their job — from the latest products, tips, design, and coding trends, source codes, to practical design features, information, discussions, and industry happenings. Its special feature includes curate collections and archives to help you in deeper research. It also offers opportunities to contribute content, experiences, and ideas with the community. Do follow this if you want to learn and contribute in the embedded domain every day.

Follow on Twitter: @embedded_com | Subscribe Here:

4. Evaluation Engineering

Evaluation Engineering provides in-depth technical insights to engineers, engineering managers, and corporate managers responsible for the quality of electronic products and systems. It mostly issues monthly magazine and digital edition, daily e-newsletters, product showcases, monthly special reports, in semiconductors, medical, communication, RF, microwave, and wireless applications.

Follow on Twitter: @EE_Engineers | Subscribe Here:

5. Electronic Design

Electronic Design is a premier information source that provides comprehensive insights on the Electronics industry. The website of Electronic Design covers a full spectrum of information on technologies, from analog and power to embedded and automotive. Engineering professionals can follow Electronic Design to get critical content on rapid technological advances and their applications at the component, chip, board, and system levels.

Follow on Twitter: @ElectronicDesgn | Subscribe Here:

6. IEEE Spectrum

IEEE Spectrum is the flagship magazine of the IEEE, which is the world’s largest professional organization dedicated to engineering. It keeps over 400,000 members informed about major trends and developments in engineering and technology space through news and feature stories, blogs, videos, and professional resources.

Follow on Twitter: @IEEESpectrum | Subscribe Here:

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7. ECNMag

ECN Magazine provides the most up-to-date information on electronic design, emerging technologies, and new products. It has been helping businesses and decision makers across topics like sensors, automotive, power, electronics, wireless, aerospace and many more. Follow it to get frequent and continuous updates on Electronic Design.

Follow on Twitter: @ecnonline | Subscribe Here:

8. Tech Briefs

Tech Briefs provides an array of product reports on engineering innovation in key OEM markets. By following Tech Briefs, you can get information and ideas on topics like electronics, sensors, mechatronics, automotive engineering, and many more. Tech Briefs today is reaching over 600000 OEM engineers with product updates, newsletters, videos, e-sources, podcasts, webinars, and tech talks.

Follow on Twitter: @TechBriefsMag | Subscribe Here:

9. Electronic Products

If you want to keep a continuous tab on the electronics industry products, then this is the resource you should definitely follow. Electronics Products is dedicated to providing important updates, listings, tools, guides, videos and educational content related to electronics technology such as digital ICs, computer peripherals, lighting, optoelectronics, telecom, automotive, transportation and much more. It is also a great resource to learn about new electronic products and companies in the market.

Follow on Twitter: @ElectronicProd | Subscribe Here:

10. Semico Research

Semico Research is a company providing valuable research reports and forecasts into the semiconductor markets. It hosts an extensive list of individual market research studies to help industry analysts take important decisions. The website of Semico Research also important events and news related to the Semiconductor industry.

Follow on Twitter: @SemicoResearch | Subscribe Here:

11. EDACafe

EDACafe is again one of the best resources to learn about the latest insights and information on the semiconductor domain. Users can follow EDACafe to keep themselves abreast with the latest news and events in the semiconductor domain. Semiconductor professionals like you can also find latest jobs, articles, tutorials, and videos, which can help you enhance their career in the semiconductor engineering field.

Follow on Twitter: @EDACAFE | Subscribe Here:

12. Product Design & Development

It is a leading publication for design engineers to access latest trends, information, and insights related to product engineering, aerospace, industrial automation, consumer electronics and design tools. Follow Product Design & Development if you want to get product reviews, tips, best practices, news or guidance on your next product design.

Follow on Twitter: @PDandD | Subscribe Here:

13. Design World

Design World is the leading engineering resource serving design engineers, machine builders, and OEMs. If you are looking for industry experts covering product news and reviews, EE video, how-to articles, best practices in electronics design and electronic datasheet resources, you should definitely follow Design World.

Follow on Twitter: @DesignWorld | Subscribe Here:

14. Semiengineering

Semiengineering provides insights into designing, testing, verifying, integrating and manufacturing semiconductors. Developed by chip architects, engineers, journalists, end users, industry organizations and standards bodies, Semiengineering is a great source of independent research, videos, news, and answers into the semiconductor industry.

Follow on Twitter: @SemiEngineering | Subscribe Here:

15. Chip Design

Chip Design is a large network, providing technical insights and implementation options into electronic design and chip engineering systems. From technical papers and articles to news and events, Chip Design provides everything around topics like FPGA, MEMS, Automotive, IoT, Datacenter, and Connectivity.

Follow on Twitter: @Chip_Design | Subscribe Here:

16. SolidStateTechnology

Solid State Technology is a global resource for getting the latest insights, news, and information related to semiconductor manufacturing, integrated circuits, microelectronics, microstructure technologies, and processes. It also provides magazines which deliver in-depth business and technical analysis for semiconductor, MEMS, display, packaging, and LED manufacturing. Follow it to keep yourself abreast with the semiconductor industry updates.

Follow on Twitter: @Solid_StateTech | Subscribe Here:

17. ELE Times

ELE Times is another great resource to find trending information, news, and insights on technology and design. The website of ELE Times provides in-depth articles into categories like semiconductor, embedded, analog, automotive, IC’s system design, medical electronics and more to professionals and engineers looking for continuous updates into the electronic design field.

Follow on Twitter: @ELETimes | Subscribe Here:

18. Design and Reuse

Design & Reuse is a leading network, providing value-added information on electronic virtual components, specifically IP (intellectual property) and SoC’s (systems-on-chips). The website of Design & Reuse provides daily updates to an average 70,000 absolute unique visitors. If you are looking to get updates, announcements, and news of IP/SoC domain, follow Design & Reuse.

Follow on Twitter: @designreuse | Subscribe Here:

19. Semiconductor Today

Semiconductor Today is a digital magazine for the compound semiconductor and advanced silicon industries. It is read and followed by thousands of engineers, executives, and manufacturers involved in the R&D of semiconductors as well as silicon materials and devices. You can also find events and news related to semiconductor from the website of Semiconductor Today.

Follow on Twitter: @Semiconductor_T | Subscribe Here:

20. PowerElectronicsTech

Power Electronics is a perfect place to find important information on power components and systems. It provides expert insights and resources such as white papers, webinars, and stories on automotive, power management, high-frequency designs, mechanical design, and electronics procurement.

Follow on Twitter: @PowerElecTech | Subscribe Here:

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21. EECatalog:

EECatalog provides valuable product and tech information, covering the electronics industry. To get important updates, news and insights in areas like FPGA, SoC, Chip Design, System Design, Low Power, 8 Bit, Sensors & MEMS and more, you should definitely follow EECatalog.

Follow on Twitter: @EECatalog | Subscribe Here:


DIGITIMES is leading newspaper network that provides daily coverage on semiconductor, electronics and computer industries to industry professionals, investment analysts and media around the world. It specializes in providing content around global high-tech trends that help companies create a win-win business relationship. The website of DIGITIMES serves content to over 150000 visitors each month, 50% of which are based in North America region.

Follow on Twitter: @DigitimesDotCom | Subscribe Here:

23. EIN Semiconductor

EIN Semiconductor is a part of the EIN Newsdesk (a leading media house) that helps you get breaking news and updates in the semiconductor industry. It works as a news monitoring service that identifies published news about semiconductors from thousands of sources for journalists and industry professionals. Don’t forget to follow it if you are looking for continuous updates and news on the Semiconductor industry happenings.

Follow on Twitter: @EINSemiconduct | Subscribe Here:

24. Compound Semiconductor

Compound Semiconductor is a great platform that provides news, analysis, opinion, information, and services for the worldwide Compound Semiconductor industry since 1995. It is a part of the Angel Business Communications that aims to feed the latest news to industry professionals and connect them to the industry trends.

Follow on Twitter: @compoundsemi | Subscribe Here:

Communities & Associations

25. SIA

SIA (Semiconductor Industry Association) is an alliance of semiconductor companies in the USA, working to manufacture the systems and products you use for work or communication, travel, entertainment, treat illness, and make new scientific discoveries. The network strengthens U.S. leadership of semiconductor manufacturing by providing research reports and resources as well as by working with key industry stakeholders to encourage policies and regulations that drive business and industry competition.

Follow on Twitter: @SIAAmerica | Subscribe Here:

26. SEMI

SEMI is a global association of micro and nano-electronics that serves its members with programs, initiatives, events, and actions to advance business and worldwide market growth. It facilitates the development of the semiconductor industry by organizing regional trade events and conferences and fostering collaboration among members. In addition, SEMI also helps you explore diversified business opportunities and contribute to adjacent technology markets.

Follow on Twitter: @SEMIexpos | Subscribe Here:

27. AnySilicon

AnySilicon is the best network to find, explore or contact any semiconductor service provider or IP vendor. It covers all domains right from ASIC design to production and IP Portal to help you find the best partner and solution to your requirements.

Follow on Twitter: @AnySilicon | Subscribe Here:

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28. ESDAlliance

ESDAlliance, better known as Electronic System Design Alliance is an international association of companies providing goods and services throughout the semiconductor design ecosystem. It provides a great forum to address technical, marketing, economic and legislative issues in the electronic system design. It also acts as a networking hub for the industry and hosts educational and other events relevant to the industry and the community.

Follow on Twitter: @ESDAlliance | Subscribe Here:

29. EEWeb

EEWeb is a great resource for electronic design engineers. It has a community of experts and members of the electronic design. It also lists a suite of free design, analysis and verification tools as well as components. Both experienced and novice electronic designers can access multiple articles, discussion threads, job openings, events, projects and technical communities by following EEWeb network.

Follow on Twitter: @EE_Web | Subscribe Here:

30. Global Semi Alliance

Global Semi Alliance is a non-profit organization with over 400 members in the semiconductor ecosystem. It is a platform that provides global collaboration opportunities to semiconductor industry companies and professionals. It helps members to address common challenges across the intellectual property (IP), electronic design automation (EDA)/design, wafer manufacturing, test and packaging with a range of research, publications, and technical resources.

Follow on Twitter: @GlobalSemi | Subscribe Here:

31. ChipEstimate

ChipEstimate is a community, comprising over 200 semiconductor design and verification IP suppliers. It helps the worldwide electronic and chip design professionals achieve success by providing opportunities to connect, find resources relevant to their profession and exchange insights and tools with IP partners and vendors.

Follow on Twitter: @chipestimate | Subscribe Here:


It is a leading community of over 1.5 million technical minds and professionals looking to solve problems and share knowledge in the engineering field. It lets you collaborate with experts and community members via messaging, whiteboards and partnerships. The site also lists jobs, articles, projects and useful resources and forums.

Follow on Twitter: @engineeringcom | Subscribe Here:

33. Ed Hall (SEMI)

Ed Hall (SEMI) is a part of SEMI, which is dedicated to providing market data and research reports covering semiconductor and HB-LED capital equipment, fabs foundries, and packaging. Since it provides important research and insights into different semiconductor markets, it helps you make important investments and strategic decisions.

Follow on Twitter: @SEMI_mktstats | Subscribe Here:

Components Distributor Resources

34. Mouser Electronics

Mouser Electronics is an authorized distributor of semiconductors and electronic components for design engineers. Follow them to get updates related to semiconductors, embedded solutions, sensors, engineering tools, circuits, applications, electronics components, and tools.

Follow on Twitter: @MouserElec | Subscribe Here:

Frequently Asked Questions

ASIC-FPGA-SoC Design and Solutions

37. Digi-Key Electronics

Digi-Key is dedicated to distributing worldwide electronic components. Since 1972, it has been committed to providing the broadest selection of in-stock electronic tools and products to aid engineers and manufacturers in the entire design process — prototype to production. Since Digi-Key is an authorized distributor for more than 50 industry-leading suppliers, you can rest assured of the authenticity and standardization.

Follow on Twitter: @digikey | Subscribe Here:

38. element14

element14 is another high-service distributor of technology products, tools, and services for the electronic and system design professionals. It provides a broad range of solutions and delivery options, providing greater access to the product stock as well as stronger relationships with suppliers, meeting the needs of customers around the world. element14 also shares the latest news and inspiration in the electronic design domain.

Follow on Twitter: @element14 | Subscribe Here:

39. Future Electronics

Future Electronics is again a worldwide leader in electronic components distribution. It provides advanced engineering/design capabilities and technical solutions to help device manufacturers build futuristic devices and develop supply chain solution. It also provides technical resources such as market reports, magazines and components library.

Follow on Twitter: @FutureElec | Subscribe Here:

Expert’s Networks (owned by Experts)

40. SemiWiki

SemiWiki is an open forum for people involved with electronic devices and the semiconductor design. It is a great resource to read and explore observations, experiences, and opinions in the semiconductor industry. Subscribers of SemiWiki can avail valuable insights from SemiWiki bloggers who are also leading industry professionals like Daniel Nenni, Daniel Payne, Eric Esteve, Bill Jewell, Scotten Jones, Mitch Heins, Tom Simon, Bernard Murphy, Robert Maire, Alex Tan, and Tom Dillinger. The portal also shares professional connections with companies like ARM, Cadence, Synopsys, Intel and many more.

Follow on Twitter: @DanielNenni, @Daniel_J_Payne | Subscribe Here:

41. eeNews

eeNews connects engineers with knowledge shared by experts, industry designers and vendors. Run by Peter Clarke, the website of eeNews is a great source to get the latest updates in the electronic design domain, including product reviews, research, expert advice, breaking news, product announcement and much more. You can also find new events, seminars, and exhibitions happening in the semiconductor industry.

Follow on Twitter: @eeNewsEurope & @peterclarke88 | Subscribe Here:

42. SemiAccurate

SemiAccurate is a technology news site providing a wide range of resources and insights into the semiconductor industry, specifically on topics such as hardware reviews, security, theoretical technology and enterprise products. The website is owned by Charlie Demerjian (also the founder of Stone Arch Networking Services), who along with Thomas Ryan, Leo Yim and Copper create the technical insights and provide updates on SemiAccurate website.

Follow on Twitter: @SemiAccurate, @CDemerjian| Subscribe Here:

43. Semiconductor Business Intelligence

Semiconductor Business Intelligence, owned by Claus Aasholm specializes in providing customized research reports, insights and facts in the semiconductor market. Using Big Data, dashboards and visual analytics as well as monitoring the financial results, it disseminates reliable data and information which help in taking the right decisions.

Follow on Twitter: @clausaasholm | Subscribe Here:

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42. Intel

As everyone knows, Intel is the world’s second largest and second highest valued semiconductor chip maker and is the inventor of the microprocessors and processors found in the personal computers. This powerhouse of engineering and technological excellence empowers diverse technology areas such as the cloud and the data center, the Internet of Things, memory and FPGAs.

Follow on Twitter: @intel, @intelnews | Subscribe Here:

43. Qualcomm

Qualcomm is a semiconductor and telecom equipment company that designs and markets wireless telecommunication products. It is considered as a leader in next-gen mobile technologies that are revolutionizing the smartphone market with 3G, 4G, and 5G technologies.

Follow on Twitter: @Qualcomm, @Qualcomm_Tech | Subscribe Here: www.qualcomm


NVIDIA is a company that designs graphics processing units (GPUs) for the gaming, cryptocurrency as well as the system on chip units (SoCs) for the mobile computing and automotive market. It pioneered supercharged computing and provides parallel computing to researchers and scientists. Today, NVIDIA is increasingly known as the AI computing company.

Follow on Twitter: @nvidia, @NVIDIAEmbedded, @NVIDIAGeForceUK | Subscribe Here:

43. Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments is an analog and digital semiconductor IC design and manufacturing company. The company is constantly working to make cities smarter, cars safer, factories automated and bring to life connected wearable products with performance and power-efficient products.

Follow on Twitter: @TXInstruments, @TXInstrumentsEU | Subscribe Here:

46. ARM

ARM is a leading semiconductor IP company that is transforming everything— from smartphones to supercomputers, from medical instruments to agricultural sensors, and from base stations to servers with devices and connected technologies.

Follow on Twitter: @Arm, @ArmEmbedded | Subscribe Here:

47. NXP

NXP is Nasdaq-100 technology company, enabling secure connections and infrastructure for a smarter world. It is driving innovation in the areas of connected cars, cyber security, portables & wearables, and the Internet of Things.

Follow on Twitter: @NXP | Subscribe Here:

48. Arrow Electronics

Arrow Electronics is a company providing products, services and solutions for industrial and commercial usage of electronic components, and enterprise computing solutions. The company offers specialized services and expertise across the product lifecycle, connecting people to the right technology at the right time.

Follow on Twitter:  @ArrowGlobal, @Arrow_dot_com | Subscribe Here:

Frequently Asked Questions

Product Engineering Services (PES)

49. AMD

AMD is an innovation company dealing in high-performance computing, graphics and visualization technologies, immersive platforms, and the datacenter. It also develops computer processors, motherboard chipsets, embedded processors and graphics processors, and related technologies for business and consumer markets.

Follow on Twitter: @AMD | Subscribe Here:

50. Synopsys

Synopsys is a world leader in the EDA. It is at the forefront of advanced silicon chips technology for smarter and secured everything with world’s most advanced tools for silicon chip design.

Follow on Twitter: @synopsys | Subscribe Here:

51. Analog Devices, Inc.

Analog Devices is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of analog, mixed-signal, and DSP integrated circuits.

Follow on Twitter: @ADI_News | Subscribe Here:

52. Cadence

Cadence is leading global EDA company that provides the tools, expertise IP, and hardware required for the entire electronics design chain, from chip design to chip packaging to boards and to systems, enabling electronic design innovation.

Follow on Twitter: @Cadence | Subscribe Here:

53. On Semiconductor

On Semiconductor is a leading supplier of semiconductor-based solutions, offering a portfolio of power management, sensing, energy efficient connectivity, logic, analog, discrete, timing, and custom devices. The company’s products help engineers solve their design challenges in automotive, communications, computing, consumer, industrial, medical, and aerospace/defense applications.

Follow on Twitter: @onsemi | Subscribe Here:

54. STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics is a world leader in providing the semiconductor solutions. Following them can help you get updates about their practices and activities in the semiconductor market.

Follow on Twitter: @ST_World | Subscribe Here:

55. eInfochips

Lastly, its eInfochips (because we can’t forget to include ourselves J), an Arrow company. It is a global technology firm, specializing in product engineering and software R&D services. It delivers solutions in silicon engineering, embedded systems, and software engineering field, providing assistance from concept to design and development to deployment and sustenance.

Follow on Twitter: @einfochipsltd | Subscribe Here:

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This completes the list of 55 semiconductor and EDA networks that you should follow. Hope you enjoyed the article and found it useful.

If you think we have missed adding an important resource, feel free to share in the comments section below.

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