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IoT “Xcelerator” – High performance edge and gateway computing for IoT products

IoT “Xcelerator” - High performance edge and gateway computing for IoT products

Imagine a world where trillions of sensor networks interconnect with each other over cloud and exchange messages? What if all these devices start transmitting essential information received at each node? Visualize the huge bandwidth of data that would get transferred to central networks for storing, processing, and analyzing? Alarming, isn’t it?


It’s time to move this sheer computing power to edge networks. Our aim is not only to connect the devices with internet, but to make them smart enough to decide on, act and convey the right messages to gateways, central networks, and to user access mediums. The need for real-time processing and action pushes us towards computing enablement at the node level of the IoT architecture.

We need to make each node smart enough to do analytics on streaming data which can talk to other devices and networks to do the required tasks. Embedded computing into edge devices is essential for the scalability for the IoT networks. It will drive innovation in solutions for smart cities, retail intelligence, transit systems, surveillance, healthcare, industrial automation and more.

Edge computing for personalized retail experience:

Retail companies are driving towards providing an integrated and personalized online and in-store shopping experience for the consumers. The need to understand consumer behavior, even in offline channels push the retail stores to look for omnipresent analytics by interconnecting the sensors, cameras and point of sale equipment at the site to drive a unified intelligence. Edge computing platforms play a huge role in providing real-time analytics to the retail companies and channeling the consumer shopping behavior.

Edge computing for real-time surveillance & analytics:

Surveillance cameras are getting smarter as it they not only monitor the environment, but also analyze and trigger alerts to the users. Motion detection, face detection, defect detection, people counting, license plate recognition are some of the functionalities that we will embed in these surveillance devices. Edge computing is going to enable these devices to do analytics on the streaming videos and react to the changes in the conditions.

Benefits of edge computing:

  • Localized and distributed intelligence across IoT Networks
  • Real-time responses by performing analytics at the edge
  • Data muffler to prevent high bandwidth to the cloud
  • Easily scalable with reduced complexity and network dependencies
  • Reduced data governance issues

How eInfochips IoT Xcelerator facilitates edge computing?

eInfochips IoT Xcelerator framework accelerates how smart devices may develop for product companies with Linux-based Snapdragon 600 and 410 processors. The framework has powered innovative products and solutions such as smart cameras, smart transit systems, industrial automation, remote healthcare dispenser systems, retail surveillance, and smart kiosks. eInfochips Eragon product line, based on Qualcomm Snapdragon processors, enables the power of supercomputing for edge nodes to watch and react autonomously even while transmitting and being connected to central networks. It allows connectivity through multiple wireless protocols and supports integration with audio and video devices. The framework’s software solution includes the complete software stack for data access and analytics, including services for IaaS, PaaS, BPaas, and SaaS architecture.

Eragon advantages for edge computing include the following:

  • High speed processing enabled on the nodes with the smallest form factor
  • Lower development cost with faster time-to-market
  • Connectivity/expansibility
  • Integrated WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.0
  • Additional low-speed connector enables connectivity with off-the-shelf ZigBee, Z-Wave, proprietary RF, low power audio codec, MEMS audio using boards like Adrino.
  • Multiple sensor interfaces, power inputs, and flexible configuration for diverse applications
  • Supports Camera, USB, Ethernet, GPS, Audio
  • Supports Linux, Android, and Windows 10 (coming soon)


To know more about the features, visit eInfochips’ Eragon website.

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Sooryanarayanan Balasubramanian

Sooryanarayanan Balasubramanian is a Marketing Manager at eInfochips, and Heads the Corporate Marketing activities of the company. Prior to joining eInfochips, he worked with Saksoft and Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Ltd. Sooryanarayanan is a mechanical engineer and holds an MBA from Great Lakes Institute of Management.

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