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Enhance Security and Customer Service with Event-based Video Analytics

Enhance Security and Customer Service with Event-based Video Analytics

In the last few years, retail industry players have been making an active push to combat various challenges including shoplifting and fraud, which can originate from both internal and external sources.

Though video cameras which are ubiquitous everywhere can definitely provide you with a basic security layer, usually from a post-event perspective, recently we are seeing a spurt in video analytics technologies which can prevent the incidents from occurring in the first place. Video security and surveillance systems have come a long way due to new innovations in technology. We are now able to derive the use for countless hours of video feed with the help of video analytics. It has further helped different industries to not only tighten on-premises security, but also provide proactive customer service.

Video analytics can be classified into two types, one – based on events, and the other, based on predictive analytics. In this blog, we will take a brief look at event-based analytics and see how it can help in retail site intelligence.

Event-based Analytics

Event-based analytics give us more evidence of an incident after it occurs. However, one can always opt for analytical tools based on their individual requirements. Motion sensing cameras not only give us the evidence of an incident, but also about what caused it in the first place. Any suspicious or malicious activity can be reported by triggering an alert to loss prevention officers at a given store. Smart cameras with in-built DSP chips can also send alerts to store authorities in the event of a fire or smoke. Such analytics can be on-board or can also be part of video management software, which is deployable on a server.

Queue management analytics can help you easily manage cash registers, doors or aisles. This also indirectly helps map the performance of store clerks when the store is busy. POS integration can track any suspicious patterns or frauds in discounts, manual entries, invalid returns, and refunds acquired without authorization. Thus, video analytics not only tightens the security in and around your store, but also plays a key role in enabling you serve your customers effectively.

The type of cameras used is also an important factor in facilitating effective security and surveillance.

The advent of 4k cameras has helped security and surveillance in a huge way. Retail stores armed with 4k camera technology can now obtain ultra HD visuals which helps easily identify miscreants. There are further improvements that have to be made with 4k technology as some scope is currently undergoing research and development. With more companies around the world working on 4k, improvements will soon be seen.

ZigBee-enabled camera networks are ideal for not only retail stores but homes as well. ZigBee is a wireless mesh network which uses low power radio signals to communicate with devices, and consumes low power. Many stores have already adopted the ZigBee network which has helped them easily manage store security and surveillance.

Every store needs to find an ideal solutions partner who can help maintain safety and security. First of all, one can start by researching and try to find a solutions partner who has ample experience of working in the retail industry. Partners with relevant experience will always advice how to deploy those solutions that are essential for your business at the right price.

eInfochips has been working in the retail industry for more than a decade, providing a variety of cutting edge solutions that will help retail stores to manage security with ease. Analytics that will help you to enhance the insights on customer’s in-store behaviour and providing a truly connected in-store ecosystem for retail companies.

To know more about our offerings in retail site intelligence or to get advice on improving home security, please do contact us and our retail intelligence expert will get in touch with you.

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Smishad Thomas

Smishad Thomas is the Customer Experience Manager at eInfochips. He has over 10 years of experience into customer service and marketing. Smishad has completed his Masters in English Literature along with a degree in Corporate Communication.

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