Defense in Depth: A Trusted Security Methodology

The defense-in-depth strategy concentrates not only on the security weaknesses of hardware and software, but it also focuses on negligence or human error that are often the cause of security breaches. It is a thorough approach to deploying a blend of advanced security tools to protect data, endpoints, networks, and applications.

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Abhishek Modi

Abhishek Modi works as an Engineer at eInfochips in the Cybersecurity domain. He has about 2.5+ years of experience in Cyber Security and Web application development including application security, Vulnerability Management, and secure code development. He has expertise in web application Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT), triaging the vulnerabilities, Hardware/IOT/Automotive security, Vulnerability Management, Threat Modelling, Risk Assessment, Compliance, and Secure Software Development Life Cycle (secure SDLC).