Build Robust, Reliable, And Scalable IoT Solutions! – A 3 Blogs Series

The objective of this blog series is to empower readers with the knowledge, strategies, and practical tips needed to successfully develop, deploy, and manage robust, reliable, and scalable IoT solutions. From understanding key concepts and best practices to exploring emerging technologies and overcoming common challenges, this series aims to equip readers with the expertise required to drive innovation and harness the full potential of IoT in various industries. Let us start with the first blog of the series

Reading Time: 15 minutes
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Sombabu Gunithi

Sombabu works as a Senior Technical Architect focused on IoT & Cloud projects at eInfochips. He has over 17 years of experience and has extensively worked in Smart City & Industrial IoT domains. He is responsible for "Concept to Platform" Design, Development, and Delivery. He holds a master's degree from IISc, Bangalore.

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