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Bringing Internet of Things to Life with ARM Architecture [Infographic]

Bringing Internet of Things to Life with ARM Architecture [Infographic]

Semiconductor companies are playing a very crucial role in the development of connected IoT ecosystems. The biggest demand stems from the need for smaller geometries, low power consumption, and high performance chips, which are integral to the field deployment of IoT devices. ARM, a leading semiconductor and software design company, is at the forefront of building a robust and secured IoT platforms for the connected solutions.

ARM processors find use-cases in a variety of connected solutions in industries like retail, robotics, home and industrial automation, medical, automotive, etc. In particular, ARM’s Cortex®-M0 core processor, which is the smallest ARM processor available, is being extensively used in the IoT product development. M0+ family is well known for its exceptionally low gate count, minimal power requirements, and reduced code footprint, making it cost-competitive, compared to legacy 8-bit processors.

In order to enable a stable ecosystem of partners for IoT development and to support various domains, ARM has introduced its approved design partner program for addressing technological challenges and to enable faster time-to-market for their customers. To be a part of this program, design houses like eInfochips have gone through a stringent ARM auditing process to ensure that they meet the highest quality and capability standards. To know more about eInfochips work in ARM platforms, click here.

bringing internet of things to life with arm architecture

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