Video Management System Testing for Aerospace Industry

Executive Summary

The client is a leading aerospace and defense company based out of India. Over a period of time, the client developed a huge test infrastructure with multiple camera variants and servers, network configurations, video formats, and web/mobile applications. However, the client lacked a proper test management process. This led to large release cycle times and increased testing cost and effort.

eInfochips team engaged with the client to develop a video management system incorporating advanced video analytics from scratch. eInfochips helped them setup a formal and robust test management process that is capable of handling the huge test infrastructure. The team prepared a comprehensive test strategy and plan and also implemented firmware and software testing including functional, performance, security, video, network, load/stress testing, etc. The team also automated the build and deployment process with DevOps. As a result, the client was able to realize faster time to market due to reduced test cycle times.

Project Highlights

Video Management System Testing for Aerospace Industry
  • Large Video Test Infrastructure
  • 2000+ Test Cases
  • Camera Functionality Testing
  • Video Playback/Analytics Testing
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