Surveillance Camera – Market Research, Benchmarking and Go-to-Market Strategy

Executive Summary

The client is a well-known value added reseller based in Saudi Arabia with sizeable presence in cameras, security equipment and telecommunications. In order to ride the next wave of growth in IP camera market, the client was evaluating the prospect of vertical integration into surveillance camera technologies. Since, this would be a path-breaking business decision, the client wanted to weigh scope and profitability against potential business risks. For that reason, they were looking for a solution partner with in-depth understanding of the market along with expertise in end-to-end product development.

The client approached eInfochips for market analysis and strategic consulting based on its extensive experience in IP camera domain. eInfochips performed detailed secondary research in collaboration with a Middle-East based market research firm. This involved studying a total of 400 camera variants covering all industry leaders, with an aim to identify and finalize custom market sub-segments. A detailed analysis of the client’s motivation and risk appetite was made, followed by submission of a research report which aided their decision-making in whether or not to venture into the camera surveillance market. eInfochips also helped the client categorize end user segments to create product, branding and market positioning strategies, hence, laying the foundation for phase zero of the project.

Project Highlights

    • In-depth analysis of target markets and key segments
    • Competitive benchmarking
    • Custom product segmentation and definition
    • Product planning & branding Strategy
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