Handheld Auto-Checkout Device for the Retail Industry

Executive Summary

The client is amongst the top retailers in the United States. With the focus on Retail Automation and Retail-as-a-Service, the client has launched multiple products, including advanced surveillance solutions with camera, auto-checkout devices, smart digital shelves, and other connected solutions. These solutions can significantly improve operational efficiency and customer experience. eInfochips as an extended R&D hub has enabled multiple retail automation solutions for the client for almost a decade.

The client wanted to develop a second generation of their portable scanner with advanced features like Zigbee, audio, and touchscreen display. At the same time, they were also looking for lower device cost and lower power consumption. eInfochips performed a thorough analysis of the price, performance, and feature requirements, and proposed a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660-based solution.

Project Highlights

Handheld Auto-Checkout Device for the Retail Industry
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 Processor
  • BOM Optimization
  • Small Form Factor, Low Power Design
  • Zigbee-enabled Touch Display
  • GMS Certification
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