Enabling Data Visualization for a Healthcare App

Executive Summary

The client is a Switzerland-based wellness company that provides healthcare app solutions combining mobile technologies, social networking, and big data analytics for B2C as well as B2B customers across insurance, mobile telecom, pharmaceuticals and other verticals.

The client’s web and mobile application app has earned it widespread appreciation among corporate users as it measures employee health score in an intuitive, easy and fun manner. Users have access to an array of healthcare services in nine different languages via mobile apps for iOS, Android etc. The app integrates data from commonly used fitness tracking devices such as heart rate monitoring, calorie intake and step tracking for on-screen display of calculated health scores for individual users and recommends tailor-made fitness programs.


Project Highlights

    • Custom scripts for visualization
    • Integration of reports with web portal and activity trackers
    • Integration with R algorithms
    • 40% reduction in response time
    • 25% improvement in employee efficiency
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