Azure Cloud Migration Assessment

Executive Summary

The client is a leading trucking logistics company based out of the USA for forty years in the commercial and transportation industry. IT staff managed the In-house and Vendor’s legacy, COTS, MOTS applications on aging infrastructure running on Hyper-V deployed across two major Data Centres over 140+ servers. The customer had Microsoft Technology based application portfolio

The customer was heavily dependent on their IT systems to run smoothly. Hence the customer wanted to reduce ongoing maintenance costs of internal IT systems and business interruptions caused when upgrading on-premises systems or onboarding new vendors. eInfochips cloud consulting team carried out a cloud migration assessment for six weeks using Snapbricks Cloud Migration Assessment Framework and evaluated their on-premise applications and workloads for cloud migration. The cloud architect engaged with the customer in a two-phase process. In the first phase, eInfochips cloud architect carried out an objective assessment for Azure migration. In the second phase, eInfochips cloud architect carried out a technical assessment and provided recommendations for migration strategies like Rebuild/Refactor/Re-Architect.

eInfochips team provided a Cloud Migration Assessment Detailed report with migration strategy, plan, and recommendations. Team also calculated the total cost of ownership and provided a clear cost savings recommendation of $240,000 over one year with Microsoft Azure.

Project Highlights

Azure Cloud Migration Assessment
  • Snapbricks Cloud Migration Assessment framework
  • Objective and Technical Assessment
  • Azure migration plan and strategy
  • Estimated cost savings of $240000
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