A Practical Approach To Optimize Code Implementation

Executive Summary

In the era of rapidly changing technology, there has been a huge emphasis on making lightweight, low power consuming and responsive applications. A few examples of applications include graphic editors on handheld and mobile devices, video calling/conferencing applications, live broadcasting station on wearable device, and many others. This requirement directly links to the fact that application / program should utilize the CPU resources like computation engine, video processing unit, crypto engine, audio processing unit efficiently. This raises a unique challenge for developers to write the program in an efficient manner, so that each CPU clock cycle is utilized to its maximum limit. This application program or embedded software often runs on processors with limited computational power, and hence raises a need for Code Optimization.

Project Highlights

  • Goals of Code Optimization
  • Category of optimization
  • Strength Reduction
  • Loop Invariant Computations
  • Use Lookup Table
  • Example of code optimization
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