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Taking Advantage of ARM’s Architecture in Enterprise Embedded Applications

Taking Advantage of ARM's Architecture in Enterprise Embedded Applications

The new ARM® Cortex®-R52, the company’s first ARMv8-R, has created a whole new performance benchmark in the industry with support for strong features such as virtualization, memory protection, responsiveness, scalability, extensibility and context-switching. This is used across demanding environments, including self-driving vehicles, IoT and safety-critical applications.
The processor has been designed to meet the toughest standards in the industry, including ISO 26262 (up to “ASIL D”) and IEC 61508 Safety Integrity Level 3 (SIL3). Some of the other, major advantages are:

  • Enhanced real-time 32-bit processor solutions
  • RTOS-based control systems
  • Improved memory protection schema
  • Savings in costs, physical space and space on the circuit board

How Cortex R52 works in enterprise applications

Cortex R52 processors have been successfully adopted in enterprise applications where high performance, power consumption and functional safety is required to create a highly integrated system on chips (SoCs). The processor handles increased software complexity very smoothly while performing very fast context switching as per the demand of real-time systems.

Key benefits of ARM architecture:

Cortex®-R52 is designed with safety features and quality performance. It brings a new level of next generation system development with the support of integrated functional safety features. While simplifying complex software integration through critically mixed code, it will not impact on real-time performance. It can be used in various performance demanding applications and in a wide range of industries like aviation, automatic, industrial, healthcare, and many more. Let’s take a look into key benefits:

1. RISC architecture guarantee

  • RISC comes under small, simplified and reduced sets of instruction, whereas CISC comes under more than 300 instructions.
  • RISC chips are available with fewer transistors to produce ARM processors for greater speed and reduced complexity.
  • Length of the RISC codes is fixed, hence instruction decoder is much simpler on the RISC architecture processor.
  • Instruction pipelining can be implemented easily.
  • RISC performs shorter execution time.

2. Power performance ratio

ARM processor is popular for its low power applications. It performs really well in high speed data processing such as mechanical devices, and enterprise user interface. The hog of the CPU will drain the battery fast ,while Cortex R52 is built in such a way that peripherals are disabled when it is not being used, which helps extend battery life and high performance simultaneously.
At the highest level, RISC instruction sets are smaller, micro codes are even close, more atomic. This means the instruction decoder is much simpler on RISC architecture processor leading to less power consumption, and greater efficiency.

3. Security and virtualization

What is needed to keep pace with security and virtualization technologies? ARM processors came up with a large number of benefits in security and virtualization. Safety critical software needs to be validated and certified in advanced critical applications. ARM processors validate, verify, certify/critical safety code and non-safety code at their required stages and so saving time and effort.

Drive technological advancements with ARM approved design partners

ARM has announced ARM approved design partner program to get help with ARM-based project. eInfochips is announced ARM approved design service partner program, and was involved in helping companies with ASIC/SoC design services around Cortex – M0 processors. The processor delivers advantage of lower geometry, low power consumption, and high performance rate.
Click here to discuss your next design on ARM processor.

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