Quality Engineering Services-Brochure

Quality Engineering Services-Brochure

Brochure – eInfochips empower clients across industries to achieve high product and software quality with our vast engineering experience business value focused testing and automation approach…

Application Security Testing: API, Web, and Mobile App Vulnerability Detection

Application Security Testing: API, Web, and Mobile App Vulnerability Detection

What is Application Security Testing? The process of making an application more resistant to vulnerabilities and security threats is known as application security testing. While earlier it was done manually, nowadays, with the increasing popularity of enterprise software, all the open-source components, known threats, and vulnerabilities are automated. Below are some of the widely known […]

QAOps – Integrating Quality Assurance (QA) into Software Delivery Pipelines

QAOps - Integrating Quality Assurance (QA) into Software Delivery Pipelines

Software teams are often focused on building and releasing the software at a faster pace. However, sometimes, in the rush of delivering the software in less time, the software quality happens to be compromised. In the long run, this shortsighted approach of quick delivery can do more harm to the business than good. QAOps is […]

Intelligent Test Automation: Smart Way to Optimize Testing Processes

Intelligent Test Automation: Smart Way to Optimize Testing Processes

‘Smart’ means— ‘intelligence’ or ‘acumen’. When someone demonstrates a better and faster way of completing tasks, we call them smart. Similarly, Smart Test Automation can be defined as a process that makes test automation to perform better by increasing efficiency at reduced cost. Testing frameworks are an important part of any successful automated testing process. […]

Model-Based Test Automation: Your Key to Ensuring the Best Software Quality Quicker

Model-Based Test Automation: your key to ensuring the best software quality quicker

If you are developing a complex software application with many functional/business flows and external interfaces, testing the application can be challenging. As there are many flows and interfaces due to the complex structure and functionality, the chances of missing a small step in the testing process are high.  Model-based testing is an efficient way to […]

Unlocking the true potential of testing methodologies by leveraging AI/ML

The smarter, faster and modern forms of testing are important in the race to build better software quicker, owing to the growing complexities of the software-driven world. But it is not simple in the hyperconnected and complex environment, and this is where AI-driven testing can help. The application of AI/ML in software testing should be […]

Automotive Risk Assessment with ISO 26262

ISO 26262 is also referred to as H&RA (Hazard & Risk Analysis) and it provides an automotive-specific risk-based approach for determining risk classes. This safety standard is developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The overall aim of the analysis is to identify and classify the potential hazards in the procedure and to formulate safety goals related to the prevention or mitigation of these hazards to achieve an acceptable residual risk. In this article, you will learn what are the benefits of it and what are its benefits.

Building Reusable QA Assets to Accelerate Time to Market

We are in the midst of an age, where most product development companies are trying to achieve faster time to market. There isn’t going to be any respite for this in the future, as product development lifecycles are only going to get shorter. However, shorter lifecycles pose huge challenges to the team that undertakes the […]

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