October 2021

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IoT Security Solutions: Security Issues With Connected Devices

IoT is becoming more and more integrated into our everyday lives. However, it also comes with a great risk of security and it is increasing tremendously. IoT cyber-attackers are developing new ways to counter the security parameters of organizations. These cyber-attackers access sensitive information from the individual and organizations creating chaos.

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Importance of Cybersecurity in Healthcare and Medical Devices

The healthcare industry has seen a boom in digitization in recent years. Cybersecurity is one of the most critical aspects of the healthcare sector as it protects valuable insights, healthcare information, and patients’ personal information. In this blog, we will discuss the importance of Cybersecurity in Healthcare and Medical Devices.

How Big Data is Shaping the future of the Automotive Industry

According to McKinsey, a connected car generates around 25 GB of data every hour. Utilizing this data effectively can change the landscape of the auto industry. Data can play a major role in making effective business decisions and enabling a better driving experience and improving safety.

Augmented Reality Trends in Aerospace and Defense

Avionics, being a mission-critical industry faces several challenges in meeting safety regulations as it focuses on improving and assuring passenger safety. Human error is still the leading cause of aircraft accidents. A minor glitch can result in a catastrophe. Aside from the human cost of accidents, aircraft repairs put airlines under a lot of financial strain, as these issues may cause flight delays and cancellations.

Smart Water Management – Need of the hour for utility sector

With the urban areas witnessing a population rise and industries becoming technologically advanced, the need for an insightful approach to leverage and utilize water resources has been burgeoning. Water quality management has gained utmost importance due to increasing pollution levels caused by industrial growth.

Case Study

Managed Device to Cloud Security Operations

The client is a US-based provider of smart home products. They have a large smart home camera network being supported using an AWS based cloud application platform. In a span of 4 years, eInfochips team has helped in optimizing their cloud TCO for a 5x growth journey in deployed connected devices. With a growing number of products and variants in deployment, the firmware and application software codebase has grown increasingly complex across edge and cloud.

Deep Learning & Computer Vision-based Medicine Inventory Monitoring

As a part of a new strategic initiative, the client wanted to develop a computer vision-based medicine counting solution to replace the existing manual process in critical areas such as the operating room and pharmacies. eInfochips helped the client’s initiative with solution concept blueprinting, prototype development, and patent database research by assessing concept originality and identifying possible infringements on existing patents.


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