The Powerhouse of Building Automation: Exploring the BACnet Protocol

The Powerhouse of Building Automation: Exploring the BACnet Protocol

Building automation systems (BAS) and building management systems (BMS) are an ever-evolving landscape, and efficient communication between devices and various systems is of utmost importance. The BACnet protocol has become a de facto standard in this sector. In this article, we will delve into the world of the BACnet protocol, its features, and its relevance in the IT industry for building automation systems.

Intrinsic Safe Products: Applicable Standards and Electronic Design Considerations

Executive Summary Intrinsically Safe (IS) or “IS Safe Products” are products designed to operate in environments where there may be chances of explosion without becoming an ignition source or creating an explosion. Intrinsically Safe is the protection technique[1] that focuses on preventing sparks or hot spots that may cause explosion in a hazardous environment under […]

Design to Manufacturing Services

Design to Manufacturing Services – Brochure

Brochure – The advent of disruptive technologies and increasing pressure to develop next generation products faster, is compelling companies to look for solution providers that can take…

Smart Home Solutions

Smart Home Solutions

Brochure – Smart home solutions are transforming our lives by leveraging the technological advancements in IoT, edge computing, machine learning and cloud…

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