Reusable Camera Framework

With over a billion surveillance cameras keeping an eye on the world, the camera market is expected to grow at a massive CAGR of 13% by 2025 as per IHS Markit research. Key factors fueling such rapid growth are public safety, smart city, government regulations, traffic management, and biometric face recognition applications, etc.

Smart cameras empowered with IP technology, edge analytics, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity will open up new horizons and opportunities across diverse industry verticals.

With vast experience and in-depth expertise in designing custom camera solutions, eInfochips has helped OEMs stay ahead of the technology curve. eInfochips has developed a Reusable Camera Framework (RCF) to accelerate time-to-market and significantly reduce development efforts for a proven, tested feature set.

eInfochips RCF is a hardware platform-agnostic solution that can be used as a firmware platform for IP camera design. RCF enables purpose-built core services to be reused to kick-start camera development, thus allowing OEMs to focus on breakthrough technology innovations.

Challenges faced with traditional camera development approach

  • New firmware development for every NPI cycle
  • Underutilized development resources
  • Longer test and release cycles
  • Stringent regulatory compliance
  • Higher time-to-market

Key features of eInfochips RCF

  • Ready to integrate platform
  • Customizable micro-services-based architecture
  • Framework tested on various platforms & chipsets
  • API support for various camera functionalities
  • Easy integration with video analytics algorithms
  • Faster camera compliance (e.g. ONVIF)

Top-level architecture of the framework

Top-level architecture of the framework

Key reusable components

  • Camera Configuration APIs
  • Audio Video Streaming
  • Network Management
  • Recording Management
  • Playback Management
  • User Management
  • Health Monitoring
  • Audio Video SDK interface

Key Benefits

  • 20% lower TCO and 25% faster time-to-market for end-to-end design and development of ‘Next-Gen’ IP camera solutions
  • Improved product reliability, quality, performance leveraging proven and rigorously tested framework
  • Faster & controlled upgrades, flexible tools & technology stack selection and improved resiliency with micro-services based architecture

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