Ultra-low power PLL and DC-DC Converter Design

Executive Summary

Headquartered in Japan, our client is a pioneering force in designing and developing cutting-edge pen displays, tablets, and smartpads across various sectors – consumer, automotive, enterprise, and education. Their objective was to migrate an automotive-grade IC to a new foundry, ensuring the ultra-low-power (5 µA) device could convert and boost analog signals from sensors to digital for advanced processing while meeting strict temperature (-30°C to +85°C), power, and area requirements.

Seeking a partner with expertise in IC migration and a deep understanding of automotive standards and foundry guidelines, they turned to eInfochips.

Project Highlights

Ultra-low power PLL and DC-DC Converter Design
  • Automotive Grade IC
  • Wide temp. range: -30°C to +85°C
  • Small area and ultra-low power: 5 µA
  • Foundry migration: 7 terminal devices
  • Behavior-based Verilog-AMS modeling
  • Simulation on 33 corners
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