Accelerating Time-to-Market for ATE in Pilot Control System

Executive Summary

The client is a Tier-1 aerospace vendor based in the Mid-West. They had designed a Rudder/Brake Assembly Unit (RBPU) which is an essential component of the pilot control system which is driven by motorized actuators. This was further driven by a mechatronics system which was controlled manually and would take 2 to 3 hours to test each RBPU but it did not have the ability to implement steady force to simulate actual flight conditions. Automation of testing processes was in order.

eInfochips stepped in with a fully-fledged Automated Test Equipment (ATE) for the aerospace client which essentially consisted of software, hardware and other integrations which can simulate actual flight conditions. There was further need to proactively replace a legacy wiring mesh with an intelligent PCB hardware to solve the major issues of maintenance. The ATE developed by eInfochips helped reduce testing time for the client by 90 per cent which further helped in reducing manual efforts and maintenance costs.

Project Highlights

    • RDBU Test Automation
    • Hardware Finalization: Actuators
    • PCB Development with Rewiring
    • Acceptance Test Procedures
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