Quality Assurance Operations (QAOPS)


In recent years, the demand for software development has increased significantly due to the advancement of technology. To meet the increasing demand, software development organizations need to adopt new approaches that help them deliver high-quality software quickly and efficiently. One such approach is Quality Assurance Operations (QAOPS), which combines quality assurance practices with software operations. QAOPS helps organizations ensure that the software they develop is of high quality, reliable, and efficient. QA Ops plays a pivotal role in addressing the unique challenges faced by IoT and embedded devices. These devices are often deployed in critical environments such as healthcare, transportation, and industrial sectors, where software malfunctions or vulnerabilities can have severe consequences. By implementing QA Ops practices, organizations can mitigate risks, enhance the performance, and ensure the longevity of these devices. This paper will discuss what QAOPS is, how it is helpful for IoT and embedded devices, what its principles are, its frameworks, advantages, challenges, and best practices. Furthermore, we will also explore how eInfochips, an Arrow company, can help organizations set up their QAOPS.

Project Highlights

  • What is QAOPS?
  • How QAOPS is Helpful for IoT/ Embedded Devices?
  • What are QAOPS Principles?
  • Advantages of QAOPS
  • Challenges in QAOPS
  • Best Practices for QAOPS
  • Popular QAOPS Frameworks.
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