DevOps in the Age of Connected Devices

Executive Summary

The number of connected devices globally will reach 50 billion by 2020 with combined revenues worth $157.05 billion. IoT solution providers have to deal with a myriad of applications, networks, servers, smartphones, sensors, RFIDs etc. that are producing data in real time. Bringing new products and services at reduced cost and time-to-market has never been more important than it is today. However, organizations face limitations in terms of the number of developers and testers readily available to rapidly build, and deploy, applications and software for IoT technologies.

Project Highlights

DevOps is one of the emerging ideas to bring quick turnaround, speed, agility and scale in IoT solutions development. Originating in the IT industry, DevOps is a portmanteau term merging “Development” and “Operations”, advocating a collaborative culture which allows for continuous release without compromising on quality.

This white paper will discuss that most of the ingredients of DevOps that have made it so successful in the IT industry — viz. better visibility, outcome-driven decision-making, real time deployment and better bug fixing, can be further extended to the world of connected devices and cloud-based apps.

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