June – 2023

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CTO’s Handbook on Modern EV Charging Revolution, eInfochips Customer Testimonial, Brochure for Next-Gen EV Charging Solutions, and Helpful Resources.

Modern EV Charging Technologies Handbook – A Must-Have Guide for CTOs!

As the world gets electrified, the demand for robust charging infrastructure is growing rapidly. To meet customer demand and differentiate services, EV charging solution providers must adopt innovative ways to ramp up product development. This eBook aims to provide a comprehensive explanation of the innovations and technologies that have fueled the growing demand for EVs, specifically focusing on the revolution in battery technology and charging infrastructure.


EV Charging Solutions – Brochure

Did you know? eInfochips was recognized for the development of the ‘Next-Gen EV Charging Station’ under the category ‘Engineering Service Providers’ by NASSCOM. Download the brochure to learn more about our in-depth experience with turnkey EVSE/EV charging solution design and development.

eInfochips review by Darius Sakalauskas, CEO of Artilux NMF

“The great thing about working with eInfochips is that you get everything in one place – Hardware Design, Firmware Design, Digital Design, and Mechanical Design.”

Looking for Next-Gen EV charging solutions? Learn why eInfochips should be a part of your EV charging (EVSE) roadmap – from Design to Manufacturing.

eInfochips developed an all-integrated EV charging solution – EV charger, mobile app and management platform. This solution reduced time-to-market by 6 months and up to 30% reduction in support issues with remote management.

The article captures some of the trending trends that can be expected to see in 2023 and beyond when it comes to EV charging solution providers.

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