April 2022

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Whitepaper for Real-Time Face Recognition, Qualcomm® QRB5165 - A Game Changer, Firmware Upgrade for Intelligent Soundbar System, and more...

Face on Edge: Real Time Face Recognition on Eragon/Snapdragon 845

Face on Edge: Real-Time Face Recognition

The purpose of this whitepaper is to develop a real-time face recognition system and deploy it on the eInfochips SD845 board. The developed application is tested on the Oneplus 6 phone, an Android-based mobile device built on a Snapdragon™ SD845 processor.

Case Study

Qualcomm® QRB5165 – A Game Changer for Next-gen IoAT Device

Learn what the robotics-specific Qualcomm® QRB5165 platform brings to the table and how it can be an ideal chipset for various drones, robotics, and autonomous machine applications – from manufacturing and logistics to retail and healthcare.

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On-device AI Edge Smart Kiosk Solution Powered by Qualcomm processors

According to Fortune Business Insights, the global kiosk market size is projected to grow to $51.05 billion in 2028 from $22.69 billion in 2021, at a CAGR of 12.3%. Did you know that, eInfochips has successfully showcased a demo leveraging our Camera Reference Design Kit (RDK) around QCS610 at AWS re:Invent 2021.

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AI-enabled Camera at the Network edge for next-gen IoT Solutions

No doubt, Smart cameras with IP connectivity, advanced data analytics, and artificial intelligence, will drive innovations in the Internet of Things (IoT) and its applications. To enable AI-based IoT solutions, eInfochips has launched a development kit based on the Qualcomm® QCS610 system-on-chip (SoC).

Case Study

Development of Optical Hand-held Device

Based on the Qualcomm® QCS605 platform and leveraging Arrow’s long-term storage and supply of parts, learn how eInfochips helped leading manufacturers of optical instruments develop their next-generation binoculars with advanced connectivity features and ensured higher product longevity (more than 5 years).

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Firmware Upgrade for Intelligent Soundbar System

American manufacturing company specializing in audio equipment was looking for a partner who understands hardware/software integration and has expertise on Qualcomm® platforms and related firmware and SDKs. Learn how eInfochips successfully upgraded high-end intelligent soundbar systems with advanced features while ensuring backward compatibility.

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