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Digital Signage gets Interactive, Intelligent and Personalized with Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Processors from Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Digital Signage gets Interactive, Intelligent and Personalized with Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Processors from Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Last week I came across this video on the new trends in the digital signage ecosystem. There are two major trends that make this phenomenal change in the way we absorb advertisements. One, the digital signage is interactive. Also, here is another viral video that uses sensor networks that brings content to life. This video takes the technology one step further with personalized digital signage! Sensor networks in this regard, are the ‘eyes and ears’ for IoT that collect data to enable Internet-of-Things.

This truly captures the direction of the industry – interactive, intelligent and personalized.

Digital Signage is going places. Not being limited to indoor displays and outdoor video walls, the digital signage technology is moving to the next level with these three developments. Everyone wants to interact with digital content – from tablets, laptops and smartphones to digital boards, hoardings and banners. Touch-enabled digital signage is extending this interactivity, allowing brands to form stronger relationships with customers.

Digital signage now incorporates multiple technologies and standards from across the spectrum – display, communication, touch, network connectivity and multimedia. Radio Frequency identification (RFID) and near-field communication (NFC) are also making inroads to digital signage products!

Interactive billboards, for instance, would enable collection of data from various sensors, especially in public places. One can even enable a safety system wherein data can be fetched from devices including temperature sensors, flood sensors, and smoke detectors. The data will be dispatched automatically to the cloud. Any change in normal readings will result in alerts and notifications (HELP, FIRE! or DANGER!), that will be triggered and indicated through the display system.

Possibilities are immense, with viewer analytics and biometrics being just the beginning. The analytical capabilities of the solution include capturing strategic audience information from interactions in stores, and the interest generated by a specific product / content through digital signage interactivity.

Going into 2015, a concerted effort is made to understand the customer better – their actions, interactions preferences, purchase patterns – to have a well-aligned marketing effort. Digital signage systems and media players powered by Snapdragon processors and integrated with custom software can generate custom business insights and quantified data points for digital signage effectiveness.

The Anatomy of the Digital Signage Implementation by eInfochips

Snapdragon is the ideal solution for interactive, intelligent and personalized digital signage. It combines the processing power of a CPU, GPU, and a DSP, with industry-leading power efficiency specifications. A tiny form factor with enhanced multimedia capabilities including HD video, HD video, surround sound audio, and multiple camera support makes Snapdragon a strong option for efficient and powerful next generation products. With integrated and cloud connectivity, it supports IoT, while keeping energy bills low enough!

eInfochips is an official licensee and technology provider for the embedded Snapdragon application processors, and offers services on both hardware design and software development. We have supported multiple industry-leading digital signage solutions, including custom embedded, cloud, mobile and web applications that enable thousands of users to access, control, manage and publish interactive digital content. This includes high performance media players and cloud-based content management systems that are deployed by Fortune 100 companies across the world!

At Embedded World 2015, (Feb 24-26 in Nuremberg, Germany), we showcased an interactive digital signage solution based on Snapdragon 600 processor that was intelligent enough to measure its effectiveness through video analytics and sensor networks.

To view the live demo, evaluate Snapdragon for your designs or to meet our Snapdragon experts, please write to

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