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eInfochips Shortens Development Time for Embedded Developers

eInfochips Shortens Development Time for Embedded Developers

This post was first featured in Qualcomm Developer Network authored by Danielle Jackson.

A few months ago, my colleague Ketal Gandhi posted about the work our new licensee, eInfochips, had done in porting a video conferencing app to Linaro Linux. Using the  Qualcomm™ Snapdragon® 600 processor, they delivered an app with Qt5, Sofia SIP and Gstreamer (with only H.263 and Speex software codecs) that cut latency by 500 percent. And they did it in just a couple of months.

That’s the kind of performance and turnaround our embedded developers look for in our licensees, which is why our relationship with eInfochips is bearing fruit. The opportunities for building Snapdragon into embedded applications framework are growing fast, and the platform is attracting companies like eInfochips with design expertise that can shorten development time and lower development costs. eInfochips has designed more than 500 embedded products for customers, over 20 years and were excited to have them become a licensee.

You’re developing on Snapdragon processors for a good reason: they power more than one billion mobile devices worldwide. As you extend the reach of Snapdragon into adjacent opportunities like robotics, medical devices, connected home, digital signage, Internet of Things, multimedia and wearables, one of your biggest priorities is to get to release product quickly and efficiently. eInfochips has put in place a fast-track development process intended to deliver a system board in as little as three months.

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Find out more about eInfochips and their Snapdragon offering and about embedded applications with the Snapdragon processor. You can also email eInfochips ( for a quick snapdragon evaluation on their designs.

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