The Drivers Behind Private 5G Cellular Network

4G was established in the year 2000 and provided us with bandwidth for an HD connection, good video call quality, and IoT applications (useful for smart city, smart home, and smart car applications). The next generation of interconnectivity will demand more bandwidth, low latency, and broader coverage. 5G promises to deliver on these goals. According to Qualcomm, 5G may help in generating $13.1 trillion of output and lead to 22.8 million new jobs over the next 15 years.

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Shweta Kumbhar

Shweta is working as a Senior Engineer at eInfochips. She has a total of 4 years of experience in embedded systems software development. She is graduated in Electronics Engineering from Shivaji University. In her free time, she likes to read history books and do gardening.

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