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Powering Sustainability through 5G

According to a report by Brookings Institute, emerging digital technologies such as 5G will help in effectively tracking and managing the energy consumption of the countries across the globe, leading to optimized resource management that would subsequently translate to cleaner air, water, lower carbon emissions, thereby making our cities a better place to live.

Let’s understand 5G

5G networks have the potential to dramatically expand the current scope of Internet of Things (IoT), thereby generating high volumes of data, which can be transmitted with minimum latency. The 5G network will make it possible to connect billions of devices through a network of intelligent managed systems, facilitating real-time analytics of the humongous volumes of data generated each second, thereby aiding in quick decision making and timely resolution of issues. This in turn would substantially reduce the time and resources required to be engaged across the spectrum of industries such as manufacturing, retail, BFSI, as well as optimally manage civic services such as public healthcare, transportation, sanitation to name a few.

Reinventing processes, Revolutionizing Industry

As processes across the industriesget digitized, new opportunities for growth and scalability open up for the entire spectrum of businesses. The adoption of 5G networks, brings with it enhanced capabilities in the terms of  reliability, scalability, mobility, and privacy. With 5G network, a huge potential for scaling up the IoT services is unleashed across a range of business verticals, from healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, financial and insurance services, to automotive, and even right within our homes. With faster connections, lower response times, and a mesh of interconnected devices, 5G networks are certain to play a vital role in adoption of emerging technologies such as Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality (AR & VR) within business processes.

Powering small businesses with 5G

With the newer capabilities that 5G network brings with it, smaller and medium scale businesses could potentially leap-frog and scale up their business operations more rapidly that was earlier possible. An end-to-end revamp of the processes (process re-engineering) may be required , both internally as well as externally for the businesses to truly take advangate of this change though. Using real-time data provided by a mesh of interconnected devices supported by a robust 5G network will enable technicians on the shop floor, operations managers, sales personnel, and employees at large to be more efficient on time and resource management, thereby boosting the overall efficiency of the business. Not to be left behind are your esteemed customers, the most important part of the entire business cycle. With the power of AR/VR, businesses are poised to provide their customers a more intuitive and immersive experience of their offerings.

5G as a foundation for Enterprise growth

Most of the C-level executives that have been interviewed, to know their views on 5G, have unanimously agreed that 5G is not just “4G plus one”. For medium to large enterprises, 5G networks will usher in a new dawn of “Sustainable Growth” laying the foundation of a new, robust, real-time economy.

kpmg dna of 5g enterprise value
Source: KPMG

Each generation of network technology has been instrumental in enabling enterprises to scale newer heights. With the technical improvements that the 5G network brings with it, such as reduced latency times, faster transmission speeds, and a vast mesh of interconnected devices, enterprises belonging to a diverse section of business verticals ranging from mining, media, retail, manufacturing, heavy engineering to the ones engaged in delivering public services such as sanitation, transportation, healthcare can embark on a successful journey of “Digital Transformation”.

eInfochips has over time, assiduously built competencies around emerging digital technologies such as Cloud Infrastructure, Machine Learning, IoT, Mobility, customer experience, which require a robust framework of interconnected devices and machines.

The team at eInfochips has devised and successfully implemented end-to-end 5G driven Industry 4.0 solutions built on cloud infrastructure to a varied set of clients. The scope of offerings is not just limited to the manufacturing industry, but across industry verticals such as Healthcare, Automotive, Transportation & Logistics to name a few. To know more about our 5G offerings and how our solutions complement your business model, contact us today.

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