Intelligent Video Analytics in Grocery Retail

Executive Summary

A Fortune 100 US based grocery retailer with $100Bn+ revenue was facing the sizeable financial impact of in-store inefficiencies. In-store inventory monitoring was manual. As a result, there were often cases of spoilage of perishable merchandise, stock-outs of fast moving goods, and pilferage by customers leaving from entry gates with filled carts without payment. eInfochips had helped the client develop multiple generations of cameras and video management systems for store surveillance to improve the retailer’s span of control over the in-store activities.

Over an engagement spanning 10+ years, the eInfochips team also developed intelligent video analytics (IVA) solution on the camera video feeds for detecting and preventing such instances with optimal utilization of store associate bandwidth. Multiple technologies involving algorithm, development tool, and training/ inference infrastructure are evaluated, and applications are developed to be used across thousands of stores across the US.

Project Highlights

Intelligent Video Analytics in Grocery Retail
  • ML, Deep Learning-based Computer Vision Pipelines
  • OpenCV, TensorFlow and NVIDIA based development
  • Store shelf commodity monitoring, cart filled detection
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