Applying DevOps in Network-centric Video Surveillance Solution

Executive Summary

The client designs embedded applications for video surveillance, retail analytics, public safety and asset management. Using an open networking platform, they wanted to launch a breakthrough video surveillance solution with analytics to help facility owners and municipalities streamline their business goals for maximum cost savings.

Since the solution uses a large number of live embedded nodes, a major challenge for the client was to manage the long release time and production deployment complexities for each and every node. Manual deployment was time-consuming as it involved a lot of dependencies: receiving build from development teams, deploying on test nodes, creating video recording configurations, validating results, testing for accuracy, and finally, continuous monitoring and troubleshooting.

Project Highlights

    • Enabling continuous integration, testing, deployment, and monitoring
    • Deployment scalability
    • 73% faster time-to-market
    • 58% faster response time for automated troubleshooting
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