September 2021

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Focus on Digital Drug Delivery Systems, Connected Personal Health Devices, Remote Patient Monitoring,
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Digital Health in Action – Digital Drug Delivery Systems

In a recent survey of the medical device manufacturers, data security and privacy, connectivity, and user experience emerged as the most prominent technology considerations in building products for the digital drug delivery systems.

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Key Innovations in Hearing Aids – Beyond Audio Amplification and Personalized User Experience

Hearing aid manufacturers are working to make devices smaller and develop new features to deliver a personalized hearing experience. eInfochips, with its in-depth Silicon-to-Cloud engineering services expertise, is helping medical and consumer device OEMs develop custom solutions as per changing market needs and user demands.

Why Digital Care is Vital for Assisted Living?

Integrated technology platforms from edge to cloud that support sensor data communication, message orchestration, and data management using widely accepted standards and protocols, are required to fully realize the immense transformative potential of digital and device technologies, and improve the assisted living occupant experience, caregiver productivity, and facility management efficiency.

Key Design Challenges in The Development of Connected Personal Health Devices

The proliferation of personal health devices is transforming the healthcare industry and enabling consumers to diagnose and monitor vital signs of their health at home or on the go. Innovative device developers require end-to-end capabilities from devices to the cloud to managed services for resolving these challenges.

How Remote Patient Monitoring Aids COVID-19 Treatment

Remote Patient Monitoring can help hospitals be ready to tackle the third wave of COVID-19. To make it more efficient, hospitals and governments must have adequate infrastructure in place. The RPM data can be analyzed to look for patterns to cope better with the disease. RPM can assist hospitals in limiting the patient volume and ensuring that each patient receives the care they require.

Case Study


FDA Class II Telehealth Examination and Diagnosis Device

Leveraging class II and class III medical device development expertise, and stringent medical software lifecycle process expertise, eInfochips team helped the client with complete product design and development of remote examination device. Qualcomm® partnership and in-house image tuning lab helped the client to shorten the product development life cycle.

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